philip peetersPhilip Peeters specializes in transport law, representing the interests of both cargo and carrier.
He has acted as legal counsel in complex maritime and port-related cases. He is furthermore experienced in matters of inland navigation, pleasure cruises, transport under Ocean Bill of Lading or Charter Party, and in insurance law. In addition, he advises businesses on the management of their outstanding accounts, both in amicable settlements and in court collections.
Philip Peeters obtained his master’s degree in law (K.U. Leuven 1993) and also was granted the diploma of Master in Law from the “Institute of Maritime Law” at the University of Southampton in Great Britain.

caroline eykermanCaroline Eykerman can claim extensive experience in dealing with procedures of transport law, contract law and the law of obligations, contracting law, labor law, commercial law and collection of unpaid invoices. She has assisted clients in their search for solutions to conflicts pertaining to damage claims and the associated damage appraisals, in the redaction of, and the negotiations to bring about, commercial and service contract agreements, in the optimization of an organization’s sales conditions and the administrative management of outstanding accounts, in labor law disputes, and in the optimization of employment agreements and labor law regulations and procedures within the organization.
In 1996, Caroline Eykerman obtained her master’s degree in law from the K. U. Leuven, after which she immediately opted for a legal career. In 2005, after accumulating 10 years of experience in a medium-sized legal office in Antwerp, she took over and continued, together with Philip Peeters, the legal practice started by her father, Mr. Carlos Eykerman.

Catherine Van LierdeCathérine Van Lierde has extensive experience in handling family law cases. She has handled a large number of divorce cases for instance. She also advises and assists clients in reaching the most suitable arrangements for parental access to children.
She also specializes in juvenile law. She was one of the first to obtain the 'special qualification in juvenile law'.
She represents minors as well as parents at the juvenile court on issues of difficult education situations as well as criminal law cases.
She is also a member of the youth hotline at the court of Antwerp.
In 2010, after ten years of experience in a medium-sized law firm, she joined the Peeters-Eykerman law firm where she handles legal collections.
She obtained her Law Degree from the University of Antwerp in 1999 with distinction and in 2000 she obtained her Degree in Criminal Science.